You Gonna Pay For This

Studio: DarkRoomVR | Duration: 42 min | Starring: Kate Rich
Studio: DarkRoomVR | Duration: 42 min
Starring: Kate Rich

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Kate Rich, a young VR pornstar, enjoys a quiet afternoon cup of tea with her stepdad. They are joined by the manager of the local bank who has bad news. Dad is in financial trouble and is unable to pay the mortgage. The banker knows he will never be able to find the money and makes him an offer. Instead of a mortgage payment this month, he wants the family’s daughter-in-law. Desperate to do anything to help, Kate doesn’t object. She doesn’t want the family to lose their home, but she also finds the banker’s cold demeanor and bossy tone sexy enough. When she accepts, dad tries to leave the room, but the dastardly banker forces her to stand up and watch what he’s about to do. Ordered on her knees, Kate diligently sucks the stranger’s cock, listening to his moans for guidance. The banker makes her look at his dad and to his horror calls him out and pulls his cock out too. Kate sees that daddy’s cock is hard and walks over to suck it. Having two older men at the same time seems bad for Kate, but it turns her on to feel them both throb in her mouth. In this VR porn scene, her body reacts in a way she’s never experienced before and she craves their cocks in every hole. The banker fucks her pussy from behind as he rests his head on his dad’s cock, encouraging him to suck harder until he cums in her face. Kate stares back at the banker with her dad’s cum on her chin watching as he shoots his cream into her tight VR pussy. I will come back every month to collect their offer.

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