Very Close Friends

Studio: SLR Originals | Duration: 62 min | Starring: Cherry Candle & Stacy Cruz
Studio: SLR Originals | Duration: 62 min
Starring: Cherry Candle & Stacy Cruz

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You’re chilling on the balcony with your girlfriend Cherry Candle. It’s a nice day and you’re eating, when suddenly her best friend Stacy Cruz happens to walk by. Cherry invites her up, and they start chatting and catching up. However, after a little while, the conversation gets naughty, and they’re talking about how sexy you are and how horny they feel. Soon enough, you’re all in the bedroom, and they’re making out and sucking on each other’s tits. After some delicious foreplay, they pull your cock out and start sucking on it like an all-you-can eat appetizer. Since this is your first time with Stacy, she’s very enthusiastic, and the more turned on she is, the more turned on Cherry is. If this is how all of her friends are, she can invite them over whenever she likes.

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