Universal Language

Studio: VirtualRealPorn | Duration: 33 min | Starring: Suzie Q
Studio: VirtualRealPorn | Duration: 33 min
Starring: Suzie Q

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Michael is showing Suzie Q the room she is renting. He is telling her where to find all the things she will need to be comfortable. He speaks slowly, because she speaks Spanish. She is looking at him in a very special way, even naughty. Everything is clear when he is about to leave the room but she starts to touch his bulge. She can’t help the urge to make out with him, so she pushes him to the bed. She kneels on the bed and gives him a blowjob, so he gets as horny as she is. She stops in the middle to take her t-shirt and bra off, showing him her boobs. The pleasure doesn’t stop for a second, even when they don’t speak the same language!

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