The Spiteful Stepdaughter

Studio: VRHush | Duration: 55 min | Starring: Aubree Valentine
Studio: VRHush
Duration: 55 min
Starring: Aubree Valentine

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vr devices

Trust fund baby Aubree Valentine has just returned home for spring break to find her stepmom’s latest boy toy lounging in the house. Her stepmom controls the finances until she graduates which really pisses Aubree off! So, she decides to go up to her room to blow off some steam in this 8K VR Porn. Little does she know though that she will be blowing something else real soon! She gets to work on herself getting her VR Porn pussy all nice and wet. Until she realizes that the boy toy is checking her out through the crack in her door. Aubree rushes to catch him and realizes he just got out of the shower and his towel has fallen. She can see why her stepmom keeps this one around, and now she has the perfect way to get back at her.

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