The Cheater

Studio: DarkRoomVR | Duration: 40 min | Starring: Simon Kitty
Studio: DarkRoomVR
Duration: 40 min
Starring: Simon Kitty

vr devices

vr devices

Simon Kitty VR has been married to her husband for a long time and lately, things have been a bit stale. No matter what they try, they just don’t connect like they used to. Suspicious that he might be seeing someone else, she goes through his phone and finds a naked picture of another woman. She looks like a model from VR porn movies. Further investigation turns out sexy panties in his pocket that are not hers. She confronts her husband and is both jealous and angry, but much to her surprise, she is also incredibly turned on. As their fight intensifies, she can’t help herself. His anger is more emotion than they have shared in months and the look of shock on his face quickly turns to lust when she lifts her sweater and shakes her tits at him.

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