Squirt Is A Science

Studio: DarkRoomVR | Duration: 42 min | Starring: Kat Squirt
Studio: DarkRoomVR
Duration: 42 min
Starring: Kat Squirt

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vr devices

Kat Squirt is concerned about her sex life with her husband. Lately, things are so bad that she is worried about their marriage. She explains the situation to her doctor who shares her worries. He presses her for details and asks her what sort of things she thinks might be missing. She is shy but expresses that she feels like she is missing out on things like anal play, bondage, and squirting. He tells her that he may have just the thing to help her out. The doctor is interested and begins to examine her and immediately gets intimate with his touching. He assures her that he can teach her to squirt if she just trusts him.

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