Slutty Shopping - VirtualTaboo VR Porn

Karina King has treated her two best friends Natalie Grace and Luna to an amazing day. She took them to an expensive lunch and then out shopping, all paid for by her husband’s credit cards. The girls are thrilled by their friend’s generosity but don’t know that the whole day has been planned to set up a special ending. When they arrive at Karina’s house, the women find her stepson waiting with glasses of wine. They are impressed by how polite and considerate you are and don’t think anything is odd when you ask them to show off their new outfits. After all, they would like a male perspective before taking the clothes home to wear for their husbands. Karina watches her friend flirt with you and convinces them to show you the lingerie they bought as well. In this VR porn video, both Natalie and Luna are getting a little competition for your attention.

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