She Is My Fuck Toy

Studio: DarkRoomVR | Duration: 35 min | Starring: Nikki Hill
Studio: DarkRoomVR | Duration: 35 min
Starring: Nikki Hill

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Nikki Hill is a lazy brat. She has no job, rarely goes to class, and spends her days on the phone with her friends. She doesn’t even bother to clean herself. Her new stepfather has her and confronts her for her lack of effort and motivation. Nikki is summoned in front of her father to hear his grievances. She has never seen this harsh and demanding side of him. He watches over her as she folds the laundry, polishes her shoes, and prepares dinner. No matter how much you tire, nothing is good enough. In this VR sex video, annoyed by the chores and their criticism, Nikki finds herself turned on by her tone. Every time she makes the slightest mistake, her voice drops, and Nikki’s pussy hums with excitement. She can’t take it anymore and suggests that he find another way to punish her. He orders her to undress and show him her body. Grabbing his daughter by the throat, he pulls her close to his throbbing flesh so that she can suck his cock. this is far from enough punishment, so she bends over Nikki and sinks into her virtually tight pussy. She’s not used to being checked and fucked like that, but dads pulling her coarse hair and suffocating her make her scream for more. He silences her by covering her mouth and stifling her moans. Nikki is still shaking from her own orgasm when he shoves his cock in her mouth again and kisses her face until he explodes on her. He barks at them to clean up and finish dinner. kissing will be one of her daily chores from now on and she will do it with a smile on her cheeky face.

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