Screwing out of School Project

Studio: SLR Originals | Duration: 47 min | Starring: Emma Bugg
Studio: SLR Originals | Duration: 47 min
Starring: Emma Bugg

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Home study can be boring, but it’s the perfect opportunity to get close to the gorgeous Emma Bugg. The stunning blonde bombshell wants to skip the books and escape to a party. But you hold the cards and before you agree to let her leave, she has to give you a little something in return. Or you’ll give her a BIG something, rather. Emma loves to get down and dirty, whether that’s in the bedroom or on the dancefloor and this little hot rocket is ready and willing to give you anything you desire! Strap in for a private experience with little miss Emma Bugg. Sometimes, education has to take a backseat – hands-on experience can be just as important, not to mention it’s more likely to get your heart racing!

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