No Drama Today

Studio: VirtualRealPorn | Duration: 34 min | Starring: Moona Snake & Rika Fane
Studio: VirtualRealPorn
Duration: 34 min
Starring: Moona Snake & Rika Fane

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Cooking for Thanksgiving is one of this day’s traditions. You are cleaning the kitchen while Rika Fane and Moona Snake are finishing cooking. They are arguing about which one is the best meal, but they are doing it in a friendly way at the same time that they flirt with each other while you look at them. Suddenly, feeling the sexual tension in the ambiance, Moona Snake says that maybe you should fuck now instead of doing it after dinner, so you can have a relaxed evening. Moona starts to caress Rika Fane’s boobs while she moves the dishes away to have space for your bodies on the counter. Rika gets on the counter and lays down in order for to Moona give her a pussy licking. That turns you on so much and when they see how hard you are, both kneel for giving you a blowjob, taking turns licking your penis and balls. Next, you fuck both of them standing: you fuck face to face with Rika and then with Moona while they touch each other, then you fuck in doggy-style feeling Moona’s ass against your skin while Rika masturbates her and vice versa (fucking Rika while she masturbates Moona). In the end, they masturbate you until you cum on her face. What an amazing threesome in the kitchen!

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