My Ass Comes As A Bonus

Studio: DarkRoomVR | Duration: 35 min | Starring: Misha Maver
Studio: DarkRoomVR | Duration: 35 min
Starring: Misha Maver

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Misha Maver is a new real estate agent. You have managed to acquire an incredible property that will earn you a huge commission if you manage to sell it. Your first customer is very wealthy. He owns a large virtual reality porn studio. He can pay for the house and seems interested, but he keeps calling her to show her. She needs this sale and he finally lets her know that he is ready to buy when she is ready to give him some kind of extra bonus for closing the deal. When he realizes what he wants, he is initially ashamed; When she understands how serious he is, she agrees to party with him by doing what he wants. In this virtual reality porn video, he puts the tie around her neck like a leash and pulls on her. positions her to take his cock in her mouth. He roughly fucks her mouth and controls her head while she tries not to gag him.Pleasing him is all she can think of as he reminds her that her big job depends on how much she likes it. She sits on his cock and gets wet with her pussy, but she knows what he really wants. Misha leans over the couch, spreads her cheeks, and begs him to shove her up her ass. He strikes and she keeps thinking about how much she’s going to make on that sale. As he fucks her tight hole, he promises to recommend her to all of his wealthy friends as long as she promises to take care of her as well.

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