Hola, Bitch!

Studio: DarkRoomVR | Duration: 33 min | Starring: Asia Vargas
Studio: DarkRoomVR | Duration: 33 min
Starring: Asia Vargas

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Asia Vargas loves her new job. She was hired by a wealthy family to teach Spanish to her 19-year-old son. It is a great job, easy and well paid. In this VR porn video, as her student examines her conjugation, Asia sends a boyfriend a daring photo she took in the family bathroom. He looks up from the book and notices that his student is no longer working. Instead, he looks at the phone and smiles. He shows her the screen and she realizes in horror that she accidentally sent him the nude photo instead of her boyfriend. Fearing that he would show the photo to his father and that it will cost Asia her job, she begs him not to tell anyone, offering her whatever he wants to keep his mistake a secret. He makes his wishes clear when he takes her into the bedroom and asks to see her as she was in the photo. She’s nervous and doesn’t want to cheat on her boyfriend, but she’s too scared of losing her job to say no.She tries to beg, but he shoves his cock in her mouth instead. Turning her over, he brutally pushes his cock into her pussy. After the first blows, his body begins to respond to his student’s urgent urges. He enjoys watching her bounce on his cock much more than studying Spanish. She loves his big cock, but she wants to be careful not to cheat, so she begs him not to cum inside her. He accepts, but seconds later surprises her with a huge load in his mouth. If she wants him to keep his secret, she’ll have to get used to it at the end of each class.

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