Here Is Your Reward

Studio: DarkRoomVR | Duration: 35 min | Starring: Lilly Bella
Studio: DarkRoomVR | Duration: 35 min
Starring: Lilly Bella

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Lilly Bella sells cookies as part of a college project. The goal is to raise funds to help the environment. She has a crush on her teacher and wants to do her best to impress him. Selling cookies is not easy and she expects rejection. When she knocks on the door of a dark apartment, she is surprised that the man inside has invited her. uncomfortable. It quickly becomes clear that he is not interested in her pastries, but rather in Lilly herself. Watch the obscene action unfold through your VR headset as he takes it. It’s strong and mysterious and when he touches her face Lilly feels her knees buckle. She can’t help it as he leads her into the bedroom. He spanks her, telling her that she is a bad girl and she accepts, very badly. He pulls out his big cock and pulls her panties down. She doesn’t even know his name but begs him to put it in her tight pussy. He’s much bigger than the college kids and he flips her roughly to touch her tender breasts. She begs him to fuck her harder and let her taste the juices on his cock. No man has ever made her feel so submissive and taken. He never wants this feeling to end. His big cock fills her and her cold gaze makes her lose control as she diligently sucks a load of his big balls all over her pretty face.

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