Bad Bad Girls

Studio: DarkRoomVR | Duration: 45 min | Starring: Clara Mia & Crystal Sinn
Studio: DarkRoomVR | Duration: 45 min
Starring: Clara Mia & Crystal Sinn

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Schoolgirls Crystal Sinn and Clara Mia are friends and rivals. They compete in class for top marks and out of class for the nicest men on campus. They both have their eyes set on the handsome new teacher and will stop at nothing to get him. Despite their best efforts, they failed to get you noticed, let alone make a gesture. Thinking that things might be better if they teamed up, the two girls started dressing more flirtatiously and started playing in class. beware and they were both called to your house late one evening. At the start of the VR porn movie, they both show up dressed in their nastiest outfits and are immediately taken inside. The girls wanted your attention and now they have to obey your every word. You have them sit in front of you and slowly open their top. They’ve never heard a teacher speak like that and hear their bodies respond to your bossy voice. When the girls have agreed to do whatever you order, you pull out his long cock. Chrystal and Clara aren’t virgins, but they’ve never seen such a big cock and they’re scared of what you might make them do. mouths, but it didn’t stop there, thrusting your cock into it from behind while you use their hair while they reign. you took out your cock and sprayed your hot cum all over their faces, you let them know that this is how they would be punished from now on. They belonged to you.

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